Trucking Owner Operator

Trucking Owner operator can be exciting. Being and owner operator can provide great income for you and your family. There are steps that you need to take in owning your own tractor trailer. I would like to go over those now.

    So what are the questions you should have in becoming and owner operator?
    What is the income of tractor trailer driver ?
    Can I buy a tractor or should I lease to own?
    How much money should I have for the purchase of a truck?
    What is the Operating cost?
Let answer some of those questions on Trucking Owner Operator. The chart below will answer a lot of your questions. Be patient and go through each item. Not all the items are filled in. They are covered at the sub totals. I got this info from OOIDA Owner Operated Independant Association there site

The cost of fuel will be your largest expense. Back to Home page

Fuel would cost about $6,000 a month at $4.00 dollars a gallon. There are ways to control the cost. I have a link for you that you can look at and see what they suggest.

This link will be able to give you a lot of answers to questions that you may have about fuel charges and some tax brakes. Link for caculating. Click here

Making your business work for you

    Have experience in the trucking area you want to work in. Being a company driver. You will experience any problem in the industry that you may need to handle. Kind of like on the job training
    You need to run your business with detail accounting. Very important to know all your expense so you can adjust to your budget if possible.
    Have a business plan
    Finding the right company. This is the tough part. There are a lot of companies out there. The charts I have provided you will help as they tell you how they are going to pay.
    Have your own authority
as a trucker owner operator

Hope this helps. If you would like to know more about me To leave trucking owner operator to about me click here


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