Taking your CDL Truck Test

Are you the type of person that feel you can not take test? Taking your CDL test may make you feel uncomfortable.

I know how you feel. I have not been able to take test well myself and there some things that I have learned over the years. Today I wish to share some of the testing skills for your CDL class A truck test.

The first thing I had to learned that there are several ways that we learn or should I say take in information.

Some can just read and remember what they have read. This is not me.

Some need to hear it and see it. I think if of the people that they say they learn by hands on. This is the type of person I am

Some learn with colors. There are several other ways that people learn.

I am going to share you my experience.

To prepare for the cdl test I went out and bought a toy tractor trailer. I used this for not only the written part but also the practical part of the test. I could see things that they were talking about in the book and the visualization helped. I even went so far as to use it to back up trying to understand the angles I needed to be at. I think it all helped even though for the last twenty years my wife has been making fun of me for buying a toy truck.

The written part of the test is the next part to work on. One way I learn it to go over and over the new information testing myself as I went through. Here is a website that you can use for sample test. click here

The other way I learned was a simple method that I did not learn about seems like only ten years ago.

The method was to read out loud or have some one read it to you and you listen and repeat back what was said. I found when I did this it really made a difference and I actually memorized faster then I ever did before. I wish I new about this when I was in high school. Maybe I would have not got a report card that spelled DEAD. A was in phys ed.

I hope this gives you some ideals on test taking. Here are a couple more ideals:

  1. Read the complete question then read each answer
  2. If you do not understand a question. Skip it tell your self you need to figure it out and come back to it later. Your mind will work on it while your doing other parts of the test.
  3. Eliminate the wrong answers and work with the two answers that you think are correct.
  4. If you get real nervous take a minute. Take deep breath and exhale slowly. If your to tense your mind can not think.
  5. Stay positive. If you think or feel you will do poor on the test you probably will.


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