My personel Story in Trucking

   Trucking About Me I thought I would take a minute to tell you what I have been doing for the last thirty years in the trucking industry. My first experiences driving a large vehicle were behind the wheel of a fire truck as a volunteer fireman. My interest in driving was really a result of me filling a departmental need. The fire company needed a driver and I was more than happy to take the required training courses and obtain the proper license. After I obtained my license, I drove dump trucks in the Washington DC area as I was not yet certified to drive combination vehicles.

With a desire to make more money, I went to a tractor trailer school in Delaware and received my Class A, better known now as a CDL (Commercial Drivers License). My first job was driving a tanker. I would drive to the piers in Baltimore to fill up on heating oils, which I would then deliver to Landover, MD. Typically, I made about three trips a night. This job seemed to start my career off.

Since heating oil is a seasonal job, my next job was hauling cars out of Baltimore, MD to various locations around the Eastern part of the country, including Pennsylvania and Ohio. Since then I have driven for many companies driving Reefers (trailer vans with refrigerator units), chemical tankers, van trailers for retail stores, flat beds and doubles (pulling two trailers at a time). I have also worked as a transportation manager for nine years, dispatching for a retail company from East to West Coast.

I have been married for thirty plus years having seven children, and at this time, nine grandchildren. My goal is to share my knowledge and the collective experience of others to give you as much information as possible, so that you too can be knowledgeable and safe on the road.

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