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Heartland Express CR England Averitt Express JB Hunt Prime Land Star Greatwide 

The list of trucking companies out there it probably is mind boggling. I am going to make a list of trucking companies for you. It will not be complete but I will add on to it as time goes on.There are companies that are O/O( owner Operator ) Company drivers, Leasing equipment. I’m going to talk about the top companies of names you will recognize and from there you can start your research.

There is a trucker forum that you can log into. Sign up for free and post a question about anything you would like. You can research trucking companies to see if anyone has any complaints.

Here is another site they may help Trucking Jobs

If your researching a list of trucking companies through a forum. Make sure you evaluate the comments wisely some people are never happy.

Another site you can look at. Trucking Information

Heartland Express

Heartland Express make the list of trucking companies started in 1978 growing to where it is today Running over the United States. You can apply for the area you would like to run Regional or States.

In some areas they have local runs.

They also have a program that if you have been off the road for a while. They can transition you back in.

Regional runs pay from 48 cents a mile up to 52 cnts.

Here is an examlpe of pay.

If you Average .48X2500 a week = $1200 gross. Times 52 weeks would be $62,000 a year. The 2500 miles is a average of 500 miles a day for five days.

  • This only a example some times it is very hard to get 500 miles a day.
  • One of Heartland Express contracts are with FEDX. They have won carrier of the year for 4 years. Have held the top spot for 6 years from 2006 to 2011. In 2011 they won the Gold Award for 98.83% for on time delivery.

    They have a dedication to safety for you and your equipment. This takes a lot of pressure off of you as a driver. knowing that you are backed by a company that will fix problems you have with your equipment is a great thing. Here what drivers have to say

    So that is a high light of Heartland express. One example of List of trucking companies.

    CR England

    I found CR England interesting from how they tell there story. The company was founded in 1920 by Chester Rodney England family owned for generations. Headquarters in Salt Lake UT. He worked on a farm and wanted more in life then working hard. He looked into trucking and CR England was born. Now with 3,500 trucks and 4,600 drivers company and contract combine.

    They have four driver schools located nation wide. So this could be a good company for someone that wants to learn and and have a job when training is complete.

    They pay .49 cents a mile .49 x 2500=$1225 a week $63,700 . This is just and estimate of 500 miles a day.

    Leaving list of Trucking Companies to Trucking Companies

    Averitt Express

    Averitt makes the list of trucking companies. And if you want to stay in the sun this might be the company for you.They do have some states that they run around the great lakes WI, MI,OH. But a lot in southern states and west as TX. Averitt stared in 1971 and now has been operating in Tex, MS,

    They have flat bed and Van division. Other Trucking Jobs

    Top pay .41 cents a mile starting pay could be .37 cents a mile. Your paid a flat rate of $10 per stop. $50.00 layover pay. Pay for unloading a Van trailer. $ 50.00( over 90% no-touch freight) So pay .41 X 2500=1025 lay over pay $50.00 for four days, four stops at $ 10.00

    JB Hunt

    Jb Hunt makes the list of trucking companies and it is another story of how companies can grow. He started small and was able to grow the company that is today.

    There website is easy to navigate to find the job you may be interested in.

    They are able to show the pay of a run and let you decide what you want you would like to do. They will hire with 6 months of experience.Click here for JB Hunt


    Prime started like so many other trucking companies in the 1970. Robert E Low purchased a dump truck and expanded his business into a large trucking firm.

    There main office is located in Springfield MO

    If you are interested in owning your own truck. This company may be just what you may be looking for.

    They will train you and get you own the road with your own truck in about a year. The time could be shorter if you qualify.

  • Train on site for four days- get your learners permit
  • Drive on the road for three to four weeks with a CDL instructor
  • Return pass skill test- obtain a class A CDL
  • Team with a driver for four to six months
  • No cost to you if you stay one year
  • To train you can check there website click here

    Some people warn about lease a truck to a company. There are pros and cons.


  • If you are leasing with a trucking firm. They normally have a way to get out of the leasing program if you find you do not like the business.
  • Always read the small print and make sure you understand the lease.
  • If you own your own truck it maybe more challenging to exit the business. You would need a buyer for your truck. You will have to keep working until you find one. To Pay the bills.
  • no credit check
  • a lot of time you can get a truck with no money down
  • Cons

  • The main problem is when work is short for a the company i.e. no loads to run. You are not able to find work on your own.
  • payment higher because of maintanance packages that are included in the price
  • Retrun truck in same condition or you will be charged for repairs.
  • Insurance maybe higher
  • The cost of runs are fixed at a set rate
  • Therefore you do not have a option to make more money on a run. Because your lease program has a set price. Whether the run pays more then another.

  • Dispatcher choose your run not you
  • Landstar

    Used Owner Operators that want to run 48 states.

  • Tractor-only: 65% of freight revenue.
  • Tractor-trailer: between 72% and 75% of freight revenue, depending on trailer type.
  • Straight trucks and Sprinters (Expedited): 62% of freight revenue.
  • Every penny Landstar collects in fuel surcharges goes right back to you.
  • They would like you to have exp with van trailers

    You are your own dispatcher. You pick your loads

    In doing a little research this company has very little complaints. If your looking to be an owner operator. I think it would be good to look into Landstar.


    This is a company that I work for. Greatwide is broken up into three division.Food, Retail,Industrial Each division are different companies that may use owner operators or just company drivers. They work with companies that they can have dedicated runs with. Which is nice if your an O/O or Company driver. Some divisions just use O/O. No companies drivers to compete with.

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